ZoneBud has been designed to help you manage your workplace easily and more effectively, allowing you to monitor and coordinate your workforce in real time.

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With ZoneBud you can monitor and coordinate your workforce in real time, immediately report and respond to hazards/accidents, and share important documents with your workforce instantly.



Monitor Performance

 ZoneBud  was created by site managers for site managers to simplify the way daily activities are monitored and reported.

Simple To Use

 ZoneBud utilises the latest technology and incorporates intuitive methodologies making it an easy to use app for everyone.

site management app  in UK and Europe

Real Time Location

ZoneBud provides you with real time locations of everyone in your workplace so you know exactly where every individual is, at just the click of a button. 






Increased Productivity

Co-ordinating, Managing and Monitoring multiple employees and contractors, can be a time-consuming task at the best of times,
especially if you have several sites and workplaces.

ZoneBud gathers resource specific data and time stamps everything that occurs on your workplace, thereby assisting you to make
data driven decisions, which in turn can make your business more efficient, productive and profitable.


ZoneBud Features






Contactless Risk Management

Covid-19 has changed the way we work; offices, factories and construction worksites have introduced new workplace procedures to reduce the risk of transmission. However, most companies cannot effectively monitor these new procedures.

Our App gives you the ability to create virtual bubbles and monitor your workforce thereby ensuring the well-being of your employees in these testing times.



Improved Health and Safety
Worker Placement App

Your workforce is inducted into various procedures and safety practices when they initially start working. However most of the time, this information is not properly digested and more often than not, when help is required operatives are left searching for appropriate guidance.

ZoneBud solves this problem by enabling you to compile and share all of your documentation through our simple to use app.



 site management app  in UK and Europe


Efficient Hazard Response

Currently, the way most companies report and respond to hazards/incidents is slow and inefficient. From our knowledge gathered from on-site experience and multiple accident reports, we realised that by merely notifying near-miss incidents on-time and simplifying the reporting process, accidents could be reduced by 75%.  

ZoneBud addresses this void by allowing operatives to notify management staff immediately with a precise location of the incident. This provides the management team with valuable time not only to respond effectively to incidents but also to prevent any mishaps from occurring.



Get in touch with us at ZoneBud for a demonstration and see what our application can do for your business.


Who Is ZoneBud For?

ZoneBud is a versatile app which can be used in any workplace, in particular you will find it most effective if you are managing multiple
sites/workplaces and/or a large workforce.

We expect ZoneBud to be used most predominantly in:






How to Get Started

ZoneBud is free to download for end users. A basic profile can be created after simple validations and you are ready to use the app as soon as you give your consent to be linked with a licensed business.

ZoneBud is available on both Android and iOS devices. Contact us at ZoneBud for a free demo and find out what our Workforce Management Application can do for you and your business.

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