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The ZoneBud Story

ZoneBud was developed by a professional team of engineers and managers with over two decades of experience gained from working in a range of roles in construction, civil engineering and manufacturing. ZoneBud is the answer for various problems and issues encountered by management teams in executing various on-ground tasks.

We found that for many teams, contractors were frequently hard to locate; plant sheets completed at the end of the week rather than everyday at the beginning of a shift; quality sheets logged all at once rather than when the inspection checks were carried out; permits issued and cancelled without proper workplace inspections; completed paperwork getting lost or filed in a different location. The list goes on and on…

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Realising the Problem

Although a lot of resources were spent on creating the quality and reporting structure, because of the lack of emphasis on monitoring these procedures, all the efforts were wasted. To make things worse nobody understood why things were going wrong despite all these stringent measures. The workforce often had no idea what they were supposed to do in hazardous situations, and the same mistakes were repeated again and again.

More often than not, it was not the inability of the workforce, but the clumsy way of reporting and storing information which created the issues.

This not only resulted in the loss of productivity and profitability but also lead to the loss of valuable human lives, credibility and even impacted on the future growth of business.

However problematic and complex these issues might sound, they could have been easily solved by adopting simple methods of monitoring and Reporting.



Finding the Solution

It was this that led to the creation of ZoneBud, where you can achieve more with fewer clicks. ZoneBud enables businesses to increase productivity, enhance quality, improve health and safety, and last but not the least effectively record and learn from real life occurrences.

In a world full of tools for project management, ZoneBud focuses on the heart of every project,  on-ground management.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our workforce management app and we sincerely believe that ZoneBud will become an indispensable companion for every manager who wants to propel their business further.

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Our Vision

To constantly evolve and provide cost effective, ingenious, simple and easy to use solutions for
solving various problems encountered in the fields of construction, civil engineering,
manufacturing, logistics and workplace management.


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