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Who is ZoneBud for?

ZoneBud is for any business which has more than one employee working in one or more locations, organisations which have to maintain credible quality, health and safety log sheets and companies that have machinery and plant to maintain, just to name a few.

Sectors where ZoneBud will be particularly useful will include construction, civil engineering, manufacturing, logistics, workplace management etc.

Roles that will benefit from ZoneBud include but are not limited to:

General operatives, tradesmen, foreman, supervisors, managers, inspectors, estimators, surveyors, technicians, architects, engineers...





What is the cost of ZoneBud?

ZoneBud is free to use for Individuals. Anyone can create a basic profile after simple validations. However to enjoy the full benefit of the application, the user should give consent and link to Licensed Businesses.

No two companies are alike, so it is not a one size fits all policy that we adopt. We offer a range of cost-effective packages to choose from, as per individual business requirements and preferences, so please get in touch with our helpful team, who will assist in creating a package that suits your business. Prices start from only £100!! 


How do I set up ZoneBud?

Your workforce and operatives can simply download ZoneBud from the App Store (Apple devices) and Play Store (Android devices) where basic individual profile can be created after simple validations.

To enjoy the full benefit of the application, the user should give  consent and link to a licensed business. Once the license is purchased, our helpful team will assist your business management team with the setup of the cloud based application which is fully configurable to your requirements.



Do my workforce need to log-in everyday into ZoneBud?

It takes minutes to complete the initial set up, consent validation and linking processes.

ZoneBud’s light interface then runs in the background and your workforce are not required to log-in again unless they change their device; revoke consent to be linked; are delinked by the management team; uninstall the app or change settings in their device to absolve app permissions.

Discover all of ZoneBud's features and how it can change your approach to workforce management.

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How ZoneBud works

  • On board businesses will be able setup licenses for their individual sites/premises and link enrolled workforce/operatives.
  • Operatives are required to have smartphones and will be able to download the app free of charge from the App Store or Play Store and get on-board through a simple registration process.
  • Once linked, the application will automatically log-in and out when the operatives enter and leave the boundary of the site. Operatives will be able to report site hazards and access site documents shared with them by the management team.
  • As part of the linking process, once the operatives are verified for their credentials, management teams will be able to place operatives in various categories and have the choice to authorise access levels for the operatives. Furthermore, ZoneBud is quite flexible and permits management team to configure a multitude of functions.
  • To facilitate the optimal performance of the app, the smartphones are required to have a minimum 3G signal or connected to a wi-fi router.