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What Can ZoneBud Do for You


ZoneBud Features



Coordinate and Manage

ZoneBud enables you to coordinate and manage your staff with ease, perfect for any business with defined boundaries. Not only will you be able to track and monitor your operatives, you will also know precisely when they entered and exited a site.

Based on their location you will able to share site specific information.

Shared Documents

Every contractor at every company begins their job with an induction. At this induction, the contractor will be provided with a raft of new documentation regarding rules, safety and work procedures. However, most people do not really process all of this information.

ZoneBud gives your workforce everything they need in one simple app. They can even retrieve the specific information they require in case of any emergency situations


Hazard Response

Our application vastly improves health and safety by helping your workforce to report hazards /near misses instantly to the management team with  photos and details, which in turn provides the relevant team with valuable time and data to respond and rectify the situation quickly and  effectively.  

Not only does it improve health and safety, as every alert is stored methodically, it makes reporting simple and also enables data analysis to further enhance the work processes and reduce mishaps from occurring in the first-place.

Tag and Trace

In today's unprecedented times, it is critical that management teams have the ability to effectively monitor their workforce, especially if they work in an enclosed space. With ZoneBud you can assess whether new procedures are being followed as well as manage the number of employees in any given area.

In addition, with ZoneBud there is no need for physical log-ins and log-outs. All movements into and out of  specified boundaries are recorded automatically, helping you to reduce the risk of transmission.





User Case Scenarios of ZoneBud





1) Emergency Procedures

Although all operatives are briefed in emergency procedures during induction and also through posters on site, when it comes to practically adhering to the procedures and looking for help, most operatives are in the dark.  With ZoneBud, help is at their fingertips. Furthermore, ZoneBud also helps the management team to access a dynamic fire register at any particular instant, facilitating the effective evacuation of the site when required, thereby saving lives.


2) Social Distancing

By eliminating the requirement to physically log-in and out, ZoneBud helps with adhering to social distancing procedures when required. Furthermore, the app effectively helps the management team to monitor the number of operatives inside an enclosed space like welfare facilities, work areas etc.

3) Hazard Notification

ZoneBud has the functionality to pin down the exact location, photo and real time notification of hazards, thereby helps in vastly improving the health and safety of the workplace.

4) Plant Management (Future Versions)

Plant operators are required by HSE guidance to complete an evaluation check sheet for the plant at the start of each work shift and also during the change of operator or after any prolonged absence from the vicinity of the plant. With a user friendly UI, ZoneBud not only helps the operator to conveniently complete this task but also provides time and location stamps, thereby partly authenticating the evaluation procedure. 

5) QA/QC (Future Versions)

By helping to tackle the most important aspect of the checking process i.e. time/location stamping, ZoneBud enables the upkeep of quality aspects and with a user friendly interface that makes the evaluation process simple.